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Volume 1 -- Nights 1 to 294, Arabian Nights, (Trans. Lyons) Penguin Classics

Table of Contents, Translation by Lyons, Penguin Classics                    
Volume 1 -- Nights 1 to 294
The following is a list of the stories from Volume 1 of the Lyons translation of the Arabian Nights.  This list can be used in selecting parallel stories from the Burton translation.  The numbers on the left side indicate the Night, or stories of Nights, over which a story is told.  Stories told within a story are presented in brackets.

King Shahriyar and Shah Zaman
King Shahriyar and Shahrazad
(The story of the donkey and the bull)

1-3 The merchant and the jinni
1-2 (The story of the first old man
2 The story of the second old man
2-3 The story of the third old man
3-9 The fisherman and the ‘ifrit
4-5 (The story of King Yunan and Duban the sage
5 (The story of King Sindbad and the falcon
5 The story of the treacherous viier)
7-8 The story of the semi-petrified prince)
9-19 The porter and the three ladies
11-12 (The story of the first dervish 
12-14 The story of the second dervish
13 (The story of the envious and the envied)
14-16 The story of the third dervish
17-18 The story of the lady of the house
18 The story of the doorkeeper)
19-24 Harun al-Rashid and the fisherman’s chest
19 (The story of the young man and the three apples
20-24 The story of Nur al-Din and Shams al-Din)
24-34 The hunchback
25-6 (The Christian’s story
27-8 The inspector’s story
28-9 The Jewish doctor’s story
29-34 The tailor’s story
31-4 (The story of the barber’s first brother
31 (The story of the barber’s first brother
31-2 The story of the barber’s second brother
32 The story of the barber’s third brother
32 The story of the barber’s fourth brother
32-3 The story of the barber’s fifth brother
33 The story of the barber’s sixthe brother)))
34-8 Nur al-Din’ Ali and Anis al-Jalis 
38-45 Ghanim ibn Ayyub, the slave of love
39 (The story of the eunch Bakhait
39-40 The story of the eunuch Kafur)
45-145 King ‘Ulmar ibn al-Nu’man and his family
107-37 (The story of Taj al-Muluk Kharan an Princess Dunya
112-28 (The story of ‘Aziz and ‘Aziza)
142-3 The story of the hashish addict)
146-7 The peahen, the duck and the gazelle
147-8 The pious shepherd
148 The water fowl and the tortoise
148-50 The water fowl and the toroise
149 (The story of the hawk and the partridge
150 The story of the man and the snake)
150 The weasel and the mouse
150 The crow and the cat
150-52 The fox and the crow
150-51 (The story of the flea and the mouse
151-2 The story of the falcon and the birds of prey
152 The story of the sparrow and the eagle)
152 The hedgehog and the doves
152 (The story of the merchant and the two thieves
152 The thief with the monkey
152 (The story of the foolish weaver)
152 The sparrow and the peacock
153-69 ‘Ali ibn Bakkar and Shams al-Nahar
170-249 The story of King Shahriman and his son, Qamar al-Zaman
237-46 (The story of Ni’ma ibn al-Rabi’ and Nu’m)
249-70 ‘Ala’ al-Din Abu’l-Shamat
270-71 Hatim of Tayy
271-2 Ma’n ibn Za’ida
272-3 The city of Labtit
273 Hisham ibn ‘Abd al-Malik and the young Bedouin
273-6 Ibrahim ibn al-Mahdi
276-9 ‘Abd Allah ibn Abi Qilaba and Iram, City of the Columns
279-82 Ishaq ibn al-Mausili
282-5 The slaughterhous cleaner and the lady
285-94 Harum al-Rashid and the second caliph’
294- ‘Ali the Persian
The story of Ali Baba and the forty theves killed by a slave girl

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